Sunday, February 11, 2018

Conscious Couples and Fulfilling Relationships

I specialize in Couples Counseling and I have the pleasure of working with couples who desire to overcome obstacles to growth of their relationship and make it more fulfilling.  Couples face many complex issues and can benefit from having a guide to help them become more skillful in communicating through these.  Research has shown that there are some essentials that can help all people navigate their relationships more effectively.  These essentials include:

1. Each partner having self awareness about areas of individual growth and being willing to work on those, so as to in turn, build a stronger relationship that can be sustained.

2. Practicing humility by understanding that we all have areas of growth and that no one is perfect.

3. Humbly owning our own mistakes and asking for forgiveness as well as being willing to extend forgiveness to those who ask for it in our relationships.

4. Remaining committed through the good times and challenging times of a relationship.  Accepting that marriage will have difficult times.

5. Strong communication skills which includes being authentic, transparent, honest, patient and vulnerable.

6. Selflessness in relationship by being willing to put your spouse before you, extend patience and forgiveness and being willing to apologize for mistakes.  Having empathy and understanding how the other person feels can help with feeling like you are on the same team.

When we are willing to speak and act from our hearts, we can enjoy a relationship that is meaningful and sustainable through the years.

It is rewarding to work with couples to help them achieve their relationship goals.  Feel free to email or call me through my website to see if I can be helpful to you.  I provide counseling in person in my Severna Park office or by phone or Skype.

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