Friday, February 10, 2012

Take the Mask OFF

When you become real, life becomes real.

Many people are enclosed in layers of games and masks which can only lead to suffering. As soon as the mask comes off, the glittering light shines through. Life is fresh, constantly renewed, and so are we. Even though our masks constrict us at every turn, we'll fight to our death to keep them on. They may not be easy to take off. We think they are our security and beauty; without them we feel naked and bare. Throughout our lives, we play a variation of the game, "Let's Pretend". It robs our true life from us and we become like cardboard people. If someone knocks on our door to visit, most of the time, there's no one home.

When we live our lives presenting fronts to others, we lose touch with who we are. When we retreat into roles and games, the words we say will be empty. Only when we are able to put our masks aside, will true presence and love arise.

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