Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stay Healthy & Happy by Keeping a Clean Energy Field

Healthy and Happy by Keeping a Clean Energy Field

Our energy fields are invisible and electrical in nature in that others can feel if we are balanced and in sync. Your energy field is affected by many things including the food you eat, what you drink, and your thoughts and feelings. You play a huge role in keeping your energy field clean and if you are not careful, you can allow your energy field to become contaminated by lower energy fields from others. When you allow yourself to spend time with people who are not harmonious and bring love forth, this becomes a risk for contamination to your energy field and keeps you trapped in problems.

You can do the following things to keep your energy field clean and be a happier person.
First, treat your body with love and cleanse it of all junk. Drink pure water and eat whole foods. Get peaceful rest, exercise, and meditate.
Second, clean up your thoughts and let go of ego and the need to be "right". Practice the spiritual principles of love, kindness, connectedness, cheerfulness and gratitude. The more you practice these principles the closer you will feel to God and your energy field will feel clean.

Keep in mind that when you find happiness that other people may be jealous and try to bring you down. Be happy anyway and choose your highest self in all circumstances. Go into situations gold and come out gold. You will feel good knowing how you are acting regardless of how others choose to respond. Detach from other's opinions and behavior and know how you have chosen to follow your path and keep a clean energy field.

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