Friday, October 2, 2009

What People Need Today

Many people today are looking for something that is lacking for a large part in our society today. People are so caught up in "doing" and being busy that little time is left to truly connect in a meaningful way with others. Many people come to counseling because they feel "lost" and empty inside. Upon a look into their family of origin, it can often be found that there was a lack of emotional warmth. Children need to feel safe, connected and feel that they are cared about and loved. When these things are missing, people often struggle as adults with depression and anxiety.

How can you experience emotional warmth if it is not something that is provided for in your family? You can watch others who extend warmth and kindness to you and absorb those good feelings. You can then try to give this to others in kind acts, generosity, gentleness of response to others and tone of voice. When you give to others what you would like to receive, it comes back to you in other ways. Allow the times that you are treated with nurturance to fill your soul and spirit in the present moment. Visualize these moments of warmth like a hot cup of cocoa or a burning fire when you are feeling lonely or the coldness of the world.

Hopefully over time if more people fill other's cups with a warm, nurturing drink the world will become filled with more people showing love and kindness. Less people would feel lonely and alone and enjoy the comfort of others caring.

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